Expanding Partnerships

To begin working with communities to identify the root causes of teen pregnancy, and to better serve diverse youth and their families, an essential first step is developing collaborative relationships with broad array of groups, programs and organizations, representing all sectors and stakeholders in the community, including youth.

Red Community Puzzle ImageThe Working with Diverse Communities component works to build the capacity of Part A grantees to: 1) engage and recruit a diverse group of community partners, including those not typically engaged, to collaborate in teen pregnancy prevention efforts, and 2) identify and educate a diverse group of community stakeholders on the root causes of teen pregnancy.

Within this section you will find Expanding Partnerships resources and tools that will help you to do these things, focusing on topics such as: strategies for community engagement in teen pregnancy prevention efforts, building or participating in collaborations with a broad range of partners including those outside the healthcare and educational systems, expanding referral networks to include non-traditional partners, and developing local leadership, including youth leadership, as “local champions” of adolescent health equity.

Engaging Faith Communities in Teen Pregnancy, STD/HIV Prevention Efforts

ACT for Youth Center for ExcellenceThis tip sheet provides talking points and practical strategies for collaborating with faith-based organizations on efforts to support teens in staying healthy and leading meaningful and fulfilling lives. PDF

Building Coalitions Among Communities of Color: A Multicultural Approach

Office of Minority Health 2004– This guide provides strategies for building collaborations that draw on the strengths and assets of communities of color to help eliminate disparities in health and in access to care. PDF